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We Provide Exam Prep, Continuing Education and Certification Courses!

Hey there, my name is Ken Landes. I'm the founder of Ken Landes Contractor Training, LLC

For over 20 years Ken Landes has helped thousands of Midwestern contractors pass their written exams to become ICC licensed contractors. Now our time proven teaching methods are available online nationwide to help you pass your ICC exam. Our course is revised constantly to keep up with the most effective teaching methods.

If you want the cheapest class available we are not for you.

If you want to pass the test on your first try, we are the place for you.

Thousands of contractors have passed their exam on their first try using our proven methods and you can too.


Courses Available

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Now Available:

Continuing Education Courses

Continuing Education courses for Kansas and Missouri including Johnson County, KS.
These courses meet the 8-hour mandatory CE requirements for most local entities.

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Why My Courses

Ken Landes has helped OVER 2,000 contractors pass their ICC Exam tests
with over a 95% pass rate the first time they take the test

We prepare you for both the local and the national ICC exams. Our guarantee is that you can retake the class at no-charge if you do not pass the test the first time.

Ken Landes brings over 50 years-experience in the residential, commercial and industrial construction industry having been involved in all phases of construction including housing, commercial and industrial construction. Ken also has over 30 years experiences helping contractors pass ICC and Pro-Metric exams.

A Certificate of completion is included after taking the class.

In Person Training

Our best training is in-person small group classes to prepare you to take the exam. In-Person Training Classes include and 8-hour class in the Kansas City, MO area. Our course covers every aspect of the ICC exam. This is a hands-on class with lots of interaction between the student and the instructor. Answering all of your questions is the theme of this class. The price of in-person classes includes all books necessary to successfully pass the ICC exam.

Self-Paced Online Training

The online training class includes Power Point slides, visual aids and voice overlay to help you fully understand the code book and how it applies to the ICC exam. You will have full access to the online training module for five days followed by a practice test to help you to pass the exam on your first try.

Zoom Online Personal Training

This is an online live Zoom class with a live instructor. This 8-hour class will cover every aspect of the ICC exam. This class has no boundaries for interactions between the student and the instructor. During COVID hundreds of students successfully passed their exams after taking this online class.

Private Tutoring Classes

Private tutoring is available either in person or via Zoom. Our instructors are specialists, trained in helping students comprehend and assimilate the concepts and details which appl to the ICC exam. Contractors who want additional live, Zoom or telephone help can arrange at time that is mutually agreeable with one of our instructors. Pre-purchasing the book package from us is a requirement of the class.

What Students Are Saying About Ken’s Class

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions!

In-house licensing experts are here to guide you through every step of getting and staying licensed. Call for help deciding what license is best for you, how to find the appropriate courses which will meet your licensing requirements. Seriously, we’re here. Call Us! 816-366-7448

All in-person classes include the needed ICC code books, tabs and a certificate of completion of 8- hours training. All online classes require pre-purchasing our book package.